Successful Pregnancy After Miscarriage Testimonial


Sheenah and Speltaruimaifea were able to have a successful pregnancy after suffering a miscarriage. They enjoyed the personal attention the team at HCRM provided throughout their fertility journey. The couple was able to conceive their first child last year after several rounds of IVF.

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Sheenah Speltaruimaifea: We had been trying to conceive for probably six years with little to no success. We did get pregnant a few times with miscarriages. We were referred by a close family friend and as well as my doctor in Sioux City had given us two different references, and then just through talking with other individuals in Sioux City we chose Heartland. Yes, we are very pleased with the results. We had at a healthy baby boy on November 22, 2013. So it was very stressful in the very beginning, but here, you know, going through the process, and talking to all the nurses, talking to the doctors they never lost hope in us, which helped us maintain the hope in ourselves, and maintain the faith that the end product would be what it was supposed to be. It was tough. We started seeing Heartland here first with Dr. Rainey, and then Dr. Maclin in October of 2010, and we had several procedures done that didn't work, but they were always open and honest with us. They always told us exactly what they thought, how they felt about the procedures we had done, any tests that we had done, and that helped us make the decision to continue seeking treatment, and in the end we got what we wanted. So it was all worth it. Tonga Speltaruimaifea: I've talked to, you know, other guys that have gone through the same process that we've gone through, and we just want to support our wives so much, and having a negative result we necessarily didn't break down emotionally, but we kind of did just to see you know our significant other break down with disbelief. The last time we went through it and we had a negative outcome, I told her if we have to go through this again and it's negative, then I would rather not do it, just because I hate to see her emotionally sad. We took a little break for a while, and came back. Got our spirits up, got our faith back, got our feet back on the ground and tried it this last time and it ended up working for us, but just emotionally it drains...It drained me differently than it did her. It was out of my control. Any man would give anything to make their significant happy. You don't realize how many people, friends, family, that have come to a facility like this to get help until you come down here and see for yourself. I just wanted to be that man to support her no matter what. If this didn't end up happening, then you know what there's other options. You have to stay positive no matter what, even if you're doubting it yourself. I always believed, I guess that just comes from my religion background. Sheenah Speltaruimaifea: From the very first time we met Dr. Ramey, and the gals at the front desk we knew that it was the right fit for us. We walked in the door, and they were expecting us. They called us by name, and they had never met us before. Dr. Ramey greeted us by name, which to me is huge because you know that they are taking a personal interest in your situation. He looked over all my records prior to me being here so he knew kind of what we had battled, what we had been through, and gave us a plan of action that very first day, you know what he thought, what he felt, and we just really trusted that. When I had given up hope and wasn't sure that we should proceed further Dr. Maclin said, "Take a break. Focus on yourselves and call us when you're ready." To me that's not just a number. If we were just a number it would be keep coming back, keep doing this, It's a paycheck to them, but it's not like that. It's they really care about you as a person, as a family, and they want to help strengthen you no matter what your outcome is. I would absolutely recommend Heartland to anybody, anybody that I come across, and I actually do to this day. Like my husband said, it's crazy how many people that you run into that are having fertility problems. And it could be a simple fix, or it could be something that requires a little bit more, but I always recommend Dr. Maclin and the staff here because not only because of our outcome, but because I know it's personal care, and they look at everybody individually, and everybody gets the individual care that they may need.

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