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Causes of Male Factor Infertility

Learn about the medical, environmental, and lifestyle causes of male infertility. Call (402) 717-4200 to schedule an appointment today.

Posted by HCRM on Oct 02, 2022

Fertility and Ejaculation Problems

Becoming pregnant is a struggle facing many couples today. For some couples, fertility issues stem from ejaculation problems. Our doctors diagnose ejaculation problems to help…

Posted by HCRM on Apr 20, 2020

IUI and Twins: What Patients Should Know

Artificial insemination treatments such as IUI can lead to twins or triplets, but it’s less likely than IVF. Our the Heartland Center fertility doctors explain…

Posted by HCRM on Oct 13, 2019

Who Are Good ICSI Candidates?

Our doctors at Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine, PC discuss which patients make the best ICSI candidates.

Posted by HCRM on Jul 14, 2017

Infertility by the Numbers: Statistics and Figures to Consider

These statistics on male and female infertility offer a wealth of perspective. Numbers and figures like these are why fertility doctors are here to help.

Posted by HCRM on Aug 15, 2016

Male Infertility and Low Sperm Motility: What Is the Link?

Low sperm motility can have a negative impact on male fertility. Let's see why this causes issues with infertility.

Posted by HCRM on Jun 15, 2016

Fertility Treatment for Men with Low Sperm Count

At Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine, PC, we offer several fertility treatments for couples having difficulty conceiving due to low sperm count.

Posted by HCRM on May 15, 2016

How Smoking Impacts Male Fertility

Men who smoke are likely to experience infertility issues such as poor sperm count and erectile dysfunction.

Posted by HCRM on Mar 15, 2016

The Relationship Between Age and Male Infertility

At Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine, PC, patients can explore fertility treatment options for male infertility that may be age-related.

Posted by HCRM on Nov 15, 2015

The Benefits of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) involves injecting a sperm directly into an egg. The benefits are numerous.

Posted by HCRM on Oct 15, 2015

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