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Fertility Treatment

Medical issues, lifestyle factors, and often other unknown causes can all interfere with hopeful couples' dreams of a family. 

At Heartland Center for Reproduction in Omaha, NE, we offer fertility treatments of all kinds so that patients can become parents.

Here's how one visit to our reproductive specialists can change your future...

The Benefits of Visiting a Fertility Specialist

Get the Answers You Need

Many patients who visit our Omaha, NE, center have experienced countless disappointments and are just about ready to give up on having children. However, many of these patients are living with undiagnosed health issues that are preventing them from achieving pregnancy. By consulting with our reproductive specialists, these patients can get a better understanding of whether medical issues, genetics, or anatomical issues are preventing them from achieving pregnancy.

Receive Tailored Treatment

Fertility treatment is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Every treatment is different depending on the situation. Treatments are designed to address infertility in both male and female patients. Depending on the cause of your infertility, your treatment may include simple lifestyle changes, medications, or assisted reproductive procedures such as IVF. Each treatment is designed to address your unique concerns and maximize your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Grow Your Family

Through detailed diagnosis, custom treatment plans, and innovative reproductive technology, our physicians have helped many patients overcome barriers to fertility and achieve their dreams of parenthood. Our Omaha, NE, fertility clinic maintains impressive success rates. Many of our patients have filmed video testimonials to share their experiences with other intended parents, and our practice has received dozens of five-star reviews from grateful families.

Ready to Explore Your Treatment Options?
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At Heartland Center for Reproduction, we help all kinds of families achieve their goals through world-class fertility preservation and treatments. During your consultation at our Omaha, NE, center, our board-certified and board-eligible reproductive endocrinologists, and our dedicated nurses can listen to your goals and create a custom treatment plan tailored to your needs.

To learn more about your treatment options, request a consultation online or call us:

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"We Loved the Staff and Facility"


Becky Rothfuss


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We can’t thank Dr. Elizabeth Constance and the staff at Heartland enough! We did IVF and are 29 weeks pregnant with a baby boy! The IVF process can be hard emotionally, physically and financially but they patiently answered all of our questions and made sure we were informed before every procedure.

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Vanessa Young


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We loved the staff and facility! We are pregnant on our first IVF cycle after a fresh transfer. Unfortunately, we only had one embryo make it to day 5. We will be doing our second round with them as well!

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Is It Time to Consider Fertility Treatment?

Professional treatment can help you overcome many of the most common causes of infertility. Our practice focuses on most major infertility issues, including: 

  • Male Factor Infertility
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine Anomalies 
  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
  • Pelvic Adhesions
  • Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

What Does Treatment Consist of?

Treatment will look different for every patient, so it is important to maintain an open mind and realistic expectations when seeking the help of a fertility specialist. 

At Heartland Center for Reproduction in Omaha, NE, we use the latest technology to achieve outstanding results. Depending on your needs, treatment may involve medications to restore hormonal balance, medications to trigger ovulation, minor surgery, or assisted reproductive technology (ART). ART includes any treatments designed to facilitate the fertilization and implantation of your eggs, such as IVF or artificial insemination.

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What Are My Options?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is one of the most common methods of assisted reproduction and one of the most successful. After taking medications to stimulate the ovaries, the prospective mother will undergo a minimally invasive surgery to retrieve the eggs from the ovaries. Once fertilized in the lab, the fertilized eggs (embryos) are placed in the uterus. 

Learn More about IVF

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination, or IUI, is a form of ART involving artificial insemination. In contrast to IVF, this technique places washed, concentrated sperm directly into the uterus of the prospective mother during ovulation. IUI has greater success rates than earlier techniques of artificial insemination, which placed sperm in the vagina. 

Learn More about IUI

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI, is used as part of an IVF cycle. Instead of mixing sperm with eggs in a lab, a single sperm is injected directly into an egg. ICSI is useful in treating severe male infertility factors and may be recommended for couples who plan on having genetic testing done. 

Learn More about ICSI
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Fertility Medication

Fertility drugs are the primary treatment for women with ovulation disorders. Medication is often the first step in a woman's reproductive treatment because it can help stimulate hormones and ovulation. 

Fertility Preservation

Egg, embryo, or sperm freezing are viable options for women who aren't ready to have children yet but want to ensure that they will have healthy eggs, embryos, or sperm available later in life. Eggs are harvested and frozen in a minimally invasive procedure, which allows them to remain viable for up to ten years. We can also freeze embryos that have gone through the process of fertilization. 

Learn More about Fertility Preservation

What to Expect as a Patient at Heartland Center for Reproduction


During your first visit to our Omaha, NE, center, you will be met by our team of nurses and physicians. Our team will learn about your goals and ask you about your health and medication history to determine the potential cause of your infertility.


Next, we will perform diagnostic tests on both partners. For men, we may perform a sperm analysis. For women, we may perform a pelvic exam, blood tests, or ultrasound imaging. 


Based on your medical history and exams, our physicians will determine the cause of your infertility and explain your treatment options. It is important to note that in some cases, we may not be able to pinpoint the cause of your infertility. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, approximately five to ten percent of couples trying to achieve pregnancy are diagnosed with unexplained infertility.


In some cases, surgery may be required to address abnormalities such as endometriosis and uterine adhesions. For patients with infertility caused by hormonal imbalance, medication to restore hormonal balance may be the best option.

Fertility Treatment

Depending on your needs, our team will choose a procedure that is right for you. Each cycle of treatment can take several weeks, but our physicians will keep you updated throughout every step. 


If we are unable to achieve pregnancy through IUI, IVF, or other ART procedures, we can explore other options such as egg donation, sperm donation, or surrogacy. 

Worried about the Cost of Fertility Treatment?

For families with budget constraints, fertility treatment can seem out of reach. At Heartland Center for Reproduction in Omaha, NE, we want every family to experience the joys of parenthood, regardless of cost. We know that the diagnostic exams, medication, and treatments involved can be quite expensive, so we allow patients to finance their care through various third-party lenders

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"My experience with Heartland has been fantastic.
We are so lucky to have two successful pregnancies. It was always sad to leave the team at Heartland, but for the best reasons, we were pregnant! I would and have recommended Heartland to anyone trying to start a family. They are a great support system."
One of Our Patients
Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine

Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine

Our board certified fertility specialists offer state-of-the-art fertility treatments. An open and inclusive environment, the Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine can address different causes of infertility and help LGBTQ couples build loving families.

Contact our practice online or call us at (402) 717-4200 to schedule a consultation.

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