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Many couples face problems with achieving pregnancy naturally. About one in three couples fail to conceive after a year of trying for a wide variety of reasons. However, for many who are unable to conceive naturally, having a child is still very much possible through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The various procedures involved in IVF not only provide an effective alternative to natural pregnancy, but also help to shed light on exactly why a couple is having trouble conceiving in the first place.

In vitro means that the eggs are fertilized in a laboratory, as opposed to in vivo, in which the eggs are fertilized in the fallopian tube. Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine also offers in vivo techniques, including intrauterine insemination and gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT). Contact Dr. Maclin, Dr. Gustin, or Dr. Constance today to find out which assisted reproductive technology is best suited to your case.

There are instances in which IVF will not be useful in inducing pregnancy. Endometrial polyps, intrauterine adhesions, uterine fibroids, uterine infections, and other congenital or acquired uterine anomalies can prevent the implantation of healthy embryos. A consultation with Dr. Maclin, Dr. Gustin, or Dr. Constance will help determine whether you and your partner will be able to benefit from IVF techniques.

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Many of our patients who decide to have in vitro fertilization (IVF) have tried less invasive treatments first. However, some patients choose to have IVF as a first-line treatment option because of its increased success rates. Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine (HCRM) provides multiple fertility treatment options so our patients can determine what works best for them.

The IVF Procedure

The process begins with the suppression of ovarian function via the administration of a hormone. This allows for the development of several eggs at the same time. Next, a follicle-stimulating hormone is used to stimulate development in the ovaries.When the follicles have matured, an injection of HCG is given and about 34 hours later an egg retrieval is performed. Using an ultrasound probe to produce images of the reproductive organs while the patient is under general anesthesia and conscious sedation, eggs are gently extracted using a very fine needle. After a brief maturation in the laboratory, the partner or donor sperm is introduced, and the eggs undergo in vitro fertilization. The fertilized eggs are cultured for a period of three to five days (depending on several factors) before the strongest are selected (usually between one to three embryos) for transfer to the uterus. Some prospective parents will choose to have preimplantation genetic diagnosis screening performed prior to embryo transfer in order to select healthy embryos.

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If you have any questions about the IVF procedure, or would like to set up a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss whether you may be a candidate, contact our office today.

We would like to remind visitors to our website that the information provided on the site is intended for educational purposes only. Egg donation, IVF, and all other assistive reproductive technologies (ART) are safe and effective, but they are also very complicated procedures. If you are considering either donating eggs or seeking ART procedures as a means to achieve pregnancy, please contact our practice to learn more and to find out whether you might be a good candidate.

Dr. Victoria Maclin

Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Victoria Maclin is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist committed to using state-of-the-art technology to perform effective fertility treatment. As a leader in her field, she serves as an authority on reproductive medicine:

  • She is an associate professor at UNMC and supervises OB/GYN resident education in reproductive endocrinology.
  • She has lectured throughout the United States and has served on many professional advisory boards.

Contact our practice online or call us at (877) 831-3227 to schedule a consultation.

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Each and every staff member at Heartland Center is tremendous. Dr. Maclin is a woman of grace, and a terrific medical doctor. She is a world-class surgeon, and we are so grateful to know her. Lene - IVF Patient

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